Paying for College

Eeking out more financial aid

November 20, 2016 Carolina College Bound

If your first choice college offers everything you want but the price tag is making you waiver, don’t give up hope, consider appealing the college financial aid office for more money. While colleges and universities won’t encourage it, you are […]


Roommates can make or break a college experience

November 20, 2016 Carolina College Bound

Potluck or predetermined? In roommate parlance, potluck describes the situation where students fill out a questionnaire and let the college assign a roommate. Predetermined means rising freshmen identify their own roommates. Which is better? Both predetermined and potluck options offer […]


Stay healthy on campus

November 19, 2016 Carolina College Bound

They’re gone. All summer long you worried about their dorm room, what classes they’d take, how they’d adjust socially, if they will run out of money, if they will be homesick, etc. Guess what? They’re fine! The one thing that […]


Freshman survival secrets

November 18, 2016 Carolina College Bound

While the initial adjustment period is over, there are certainly lots of things freshmen can start doing now to improve their chances of having a successful year. Most college students compartmentalize their college experiences into two distinct areas: the academic […]


What happens when they’re homesick?

November 17, 2016 Carolina College Bound

Longing for the comforts of home when everything is new and different isn’t surprising, but the depth of homesickness among students on college campuses appears to be rising. According to Christopher Thurber, a psychologist at Phillips Exeter Academy, a boarding […]

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