What summer is like at N.C. State

Iman Usmani, collegetownnc.com

Photo by Amanda Nguyen, collegetownnc.com

I am a rising junior. For both of my summers as an N.C. State student, I have spent them on campus. You could say I am kind of an expert in all things summer session at N.C. State. Here’s how N.C. State is different in the summer than in the school year.

1. Campus is generally dead.

This should come as no surprise. Only the truly strong decided to spend their entire summer still in school. Going from spring semester exams to summer school means only a week off in between. Let’s be real. If you didn’t choose to do summer school, it’s probably because you couldn’t handle it.

2. No parties.

I don’t really know why, but there aren’t any frat parties now that were are here for the summer. Weekends are instead filled with movies and Netflix instead of getting ready and going out. Personally, I am welcoming the change.

3. There is parking for all.

One of the biggest highlights is that you can find parking any time. Literally. It’s a beautiful moment when you can drive on Western with relative ease and then get to campus to find parking. It almost makes taking 7 credit hours in 5 weeks all worth it.

Summer at N.C. State may have faster-paced classes, but everything else on campus is relatively slow, and I like it.


Iman Usmani writes for collegetownnc.com, where this article originally ran.