What not to do as an N.C. State freshman (or at any other college)

Iman Usmani, collegetownnc.com

Packapalooza welcomes N.C. State students back to campus in the fall. Photo by Harry Lynch for the News & Observer

N.C. State is a massive university with loads to do. It can be hard to determine just how much to do without getting overwhelmed with obligations and responsibilities, especially as an incoming freshman.

Here are as couple of things you should avoid doing around campus as a freshman:

Don’t eat cake with every meal.

I know. It’s tempting. The dining hall will almost always have cake.

Some days, they pull out this eclair cake, which is pretty much the reason I still went to the dining hall this past semester.  I would just look for the cake, and if it wasn’t there, I would settle with some cereal. It was an unhealthy way to live, and I don’t recommend it.

Don’t just hang out with your roommate.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. Your roommate is a great person to go with to one of the hundred million events during Welcome Week. But I would advise against doing everything exclusively with your roommate.

It can be comfortable to hang out with the person you are living with, but more friendships are made when you are outside of your comfort zone. Try this out during the beginning of your time at State.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

It’s OK if you don’t have a group of 30 awesome friends right off the bat. This isn’t “Greek.” It’s OK if you don’t get straight As in your classes because college is hard. The thing that matters is if you try.


Iman Usmani is a contributor to collegetownnc.com, where this article originally ran.