Clemson greets 3,650 freshmen on campus

Georgie Silvarole,

Clemson University's new students gather for orientation in groups on the bridge while other walk by, outside the Cooper Library in Clemson last week. Photo by Ken Ruinard, (Anderson) Independent Mail

Clemson University announced that it is welcoming more than 3,650 freshman students to campus this semester. Last fall, the university’s incoming freshman class totaled 3,685 students.

The freshman class, as well as 1,550 transfer students, are coming from all over the country — and the world. Students from Canada, China, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom will all head to Clemson this fall.

There are also 85 freshmen and 11 transfers who will be student-athletes.

Freshman applications increased 12 percent from last year with a total of 26,244 applicants, the university said in the news release. Of those accepted and now enrolled, the average SAT score was 1470.

Last year, 23,506 students applied; 11,891 were accepted and had an average SAT score of 1243, although a fraction actually enrolled.

Clemson’s 1,450 incoming graduate students, much like incoming undergrads, are traveling from around the globe to study in upstate South Carolina, the release said. There are 400 international students, 42 veterans and four Fulbright Scholars beginning their graduate studies this fall.


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