5 UNC social accounts to start you off

Mary Alice Blackstock, collegetownnc.com

Photo by Esther Vargas via Creative Commons

From cute dogs to free food, social media is a staple on UNC’s campus. If you want to learn more about getting involved at Carolina, here are some notable social media accounts to get you started.


If you’ve ever missed watching the sunset from your south campus high-rise, this Instagram is for you. This account accepts submissions of the best clouds and sunsets spotted on UNC’s campus, and has deemed UNC the “University of Nice Clouds.”


This Instagram is exactly what it sounds like. Per its bio: “The best stress-induced, exhaustion-provoked and Redbull-fueled doodles and writings of UNC’s Davis Library.” Enough said.


If you’re a big fan of memes and a big fan of UNC, could anything get better than memes about UNC? This Instagram posts UNC-specific memes that every Carolina student can relate to. It even accepts submissions and direct messages, but only through Sakai messenger.


With over 700 student organizations, there’s always free food somewhere on campus. The @PhreePhood Twitter is dedicated to keeping students updated on where and when you can get free food on campus. This information is super useful when you’re struggling to ration your meal swipes at the end of the semester. We’ve all been there; desperate times call for desperate measures.


If you haven’t heard of Carolina’s most coveted canine, Holden the Golden, you must be living under a rock. Although Holden’s owner no longer attends UNC, most people are familiar with Holden’s legacy and absolutely freak out over his adorable pictures.


Mary Alice Blackstock is a contributor to collegetownnc.com, where this article originally ran.