Finding the right fit

Campus visits: Make them work for you

March 26, 2018 Lee Shulman Bierer

My campus visit mantra is: “It is worth more than two hours of your time if you might spend four years of your life there.” I am a strong advocate for visiting colleges early and often. Nothing validates a student’s […]

Finding the right fit

Make the most of upcoming campus visits

March 19, 2018 Lee Shulman Bierer

Besides a home purchase, a college education is the single largest expense and investment you’ll likely ever make. Just as you would never think to buy a home sight unseen, decisions on selecting a college shouldn’t be made solely on […]

Paying for College

How to hunt for scholarships

March 19, 2018 Heidi Finley

High school seniors heading off to college in the fall should have been applying for scholarships since the end of the summer. But there are still plenty of opportunities to find funds, keeping in mind that spring deadlines are coming up […]

Paying for College

College loan basics in the Carolinas

March 12, 2018 Heidi Finley

The cold, hard truth is that many students will have to take out loans to help finance their college education. Scholarships and grants play an important role in paying for higher education – and students should vigorously seek them out […]

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