Application Strategy

Essay brainstorming 101: Getting started

August 7, 2017 Lee Shulman Bierer

Summer is a great time to ponder deep thoughts, and right about now, rising seniors should be pondering their college essays. The essay is students’ best opportunity to set themselves apart in the college application. Their grades through junior year […]

Application Strategy

10 tips for writing a killer college essay

July 25, 2017 Lee Shulman Bierer

It’s easy to identify essays that don’t work; ones that are unoriginal with cliché topics, ones that are boring and brag, or essays that are predictable. It’s much harder to help students identify the right topic for them, i.e., one […]

Application Strategy

Carolina colleges making it easier to apply

April 24, 2017 Lee Shulman Bierer

The Common Application, commonly referred to as Common App, a not-for-profit membership organization that is committed to advancing college access, recently added 38 new members. Four are from North Carolina: Appalachian State University, Barton College, Catawba College and East Carolina […]

Application Strategy

B students, there’s still hope among N.C. colleges

April 24, 2017 Heidi Finley

North Carolina students graduating with a 3.0 GPA face a tougher in-state college admissions landscape, but plenty of options remain. College Simply collects data, rankings and reviews on U.S. colleges, and provides searchable lists linked to SAT or ACT scores, […]

Application Strategy

Apply first, ask later about gap year

April 10, 2017 Heidi Finley

Applying to college is onerous enough. Asking to defer enrollment for a year can be even more intimidating. Here’s how to navigate the gap-year process. When to Apply to College Delay freshman year, not your application. Students interested in a […]

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