Finding the right fit

This USC program ranks among the top in the world

July 2, 2018 Heidi Finley

Those graduating from the University of South Carolina with a master’s degree in managing entertainment and sports are some of the best educated in their field worldwide, according to a new survey. The SportsBusiness survey showed USC’s Master of Science […]

Finding the right fit

10 private, Christian colleges in the Carolinas

June 25, 2018 Heidi Finley

Students looking for a faith-based approach to higher education have many options to consider in the Carolinas. Private, Christian colleges are generally affiliated with a particular religion but welcome students from other backgrounds, as well. Great Value Colleges notes that the […]

Finding the right fit

10 college search recommendations for parents

May 14, 2018 Heidi Finley

Finding the right college for your son or daughter can be a daunting process. Even parents who have been through the experience on their own or with another child can still feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are many resources available – […]

Finding the right fit

Campus visits: Make them work for you

March 26, 2018 Lee Shulman Bierer

My campus visit mantra is: “It is worth more than two hours of your time if you might spend four years of your life there.” I am a strong advocate for visiting colleges early and often. Nothing validates a student’s […]

Finding the right fit

Make the most of upcoming campus visits

March 19, 2018 Lee Shulman Bierer

Besides a home purchase, a college education is the single largest expense and investment you’ll likely ever make. Just as you would never think to buy a home sight unseen, decisions on selecting a college shouldn’t be made solely on […]

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